The future of web design

How long do we have before human web designers become a thing of the past?

Web designers have reason to be nervous because artificial intelligence (AI), web design, and programming have combined to form a new tool: The Grid. This is not another ordinary do-it-yourself website builder. The Grid is a revolutionary new platform powered by AI programming that takes your added content and automatically creates a unique look for your website. Your job is to provide content, choose what type of site you want, and hit publish. Once your job is complete, your new website is ready.

Quick, easy websites

The Grid provides futuristic self-building websites that run on machine learning and AI. It works through an auto-design system that measures and analyzes the content, color schemes, and images you upload for your site. By analyzing algorithms based on your media, The Grid provides you with a unique layout.

The process of building a website using The Grid starts with determining what kind of website you want to build. Then you define the purpose of the website and upload content, including images, videos, text, and product information. The service then analyzes all this information using an advanced, intelligent system. Once you choose your design and upload the content, The Grid picks a color scheme and creates a design. Next, it magically creates a content-specific layout that is up and running after a couple of minutes. A notification appears when your site is ready.

Since mobile devices are becoming more influential in website development, the platform can resize and adapt website layouts to fit different screen sizes.

First in Denmark to use The Grid

At Headnet, we just pressed the publish button, and we are excited to announce that we have gone live with our new AI-created website design. All the content is our own, but The Grid chose the colors and layout. Modern developments and technological opportunities have made it possible to build attractive, varied, functional websites in a simplified way. With regular content updates, the service provides the opportunity to create a more creative, futuristic website that will get a new design every once in a while.

We are privileged to be the first business in Denmark to launch a website using this technology. As a digital business, we are often inspired by the newest technology and the possibilities it offers. With this service, we are taking the next step in DIY web design. We believe the development of this new tool represents the natural progression of technological evolution.

Our first impression of the service is that it is quite impressive. The simple, user-friendly platform makes it possible to manage our website without worrying about minutia, and it gives us the freedom to change our design, content, and visuals regularly. Overall, The Grid has made website creation less complicated.

Extinction of the human web designer

Will The Grid supplant human designers? We don’t know, but those of us at Headnet support this development since we can relate to the desire to make efficient solutions to help businesses survive and withstand technological developments and pressure.

Is The Grid just a novel, futuristic tool that is trying to keep professional designers on their toes, or does the service have long-lasting prospects?