Residence dating

Making ideas become reality

Before you can start a serious relationship or move in together, you have to know each other, maybe by meeting up for a date, having a laugh, comparing hobbies, and telling each other stories about your family and work. Also the other person’s style and appearance often have a big influence about whether to go forward or not. The purpose of a date is getting to know what type of person the other is and whether the connection is strong enough for you to want to continue seeing each other. When buying a house, the experience has many similarities, with many of the same feelings and decisions to make. As in the dating world, it is often difficult to get in contact with the person/residence. However, the technological evolution makes getting in contact easier and more convenient.

Some entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to create a more practical marketplace for house buyers and sellers. The digital playground creates technological options, and a transition towards a more digital housing market seemed natural. The idea arose to construct a site called The aim was to allow informal contacts between buyers and sellers, with the possibility for homeowners to list their residence as ‘Maybe for Sale’.

Headnet helped to create a solution that implemented a new concept for house owners and buyers, giving them the possibility to explore the market before contacting a real estate agent. With a co-creation-based approach, Headnet helped the ambitious entrepreneurs make the project – Bolighed – become a reality. Through their technical expertise (Headnet contributed software developers and a technical project manager) and thoughtfulness, a sustainable solution was created.

A web portal was created with help from Headnet, which included opportunities to exchange information, to begin a dialogue with potential buyers, to receive an estimate on a residence or to get newsfeed updates about the neighbourhood, their friends and the general trends in the housing market. The site was not meant to have a specific sales function, but to be more like a ‘date before marriage’.

Headnet developed the complete set-up, which had requirements to scale, because of the massive marketing and expected traffic. Also Headnet had to navigate the chaos, getting everything together as a unit and helping the project get to the finish line by acting like a technological SWAT team. opened in 2015 for homeowners and other interested people, with lots of press coverage and television advertising. Today the solution and site are owned by four banks – Nykredit, Sydbank, Spar Nord and AL Bank. The site holds information on about 1.7 million households, and it is having a big impact on today's housing market.