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We believe great people, great ideas, and great software will continue to make our world more intelligent. We believe that we can co-create solutions that make a huge difference for the way companies do business now and in the future.

We are a dynamic group of skillful technology philosophers who embrace change and challenge the status quo. We are always curious and skilled at what we do. We aim to balance perfectionism with pragmatism in a conscionable way. We use lean thinking and innovative technology that allows us to make great software.

We help you make the most of the latest technologies by challenging existing practices and provides tailored solutions that exceed your expectations and taps into new digital opportunities for your business. Our elegant solutions are made by using the best open source and cloud-based technologies available.

Headnet is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We speak Danish, English and some of us French, Polish, Swedish or Tamil.

Not sure what technology can do, what to choose and how to execute technology projects fast and enable your organization or business with new technology? Then Headnet could be your preferred partner with 15 years of experience primary within the Open Source domain combined with cloud services and new trends like artificial intelligence we could co-create your new system, product or service pumped with business value.

Get a highly qualified senior software development team that helps you mark that important or critical IT project as done. We can work remote or onsite as a solo team or as an integrated part of your current IT team in your organization.

We will lead you in the process when building an MVP but also do the hard work. An MVP product can help you to test a product hypothesis with minimal resources, get market validation, accelerate learning, reduce wasted engineering hours and get the product as fast as possible to the customers. When the process is done, you will get a minimum viable product in the form of a prototype, an entire product, or a subset of a product.

When the IT system, service or product hits the end-user or customer, we will stand by your side. We have dedicated people that are ready to help you when you call or mail us. Our support functions have a customer rating at 9.6 out of 10.

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New website site for Fritz Schur.

Fritz Schur have just launched their new website. Fritz Schur are a modern engineering and consulting partner. The solution was a done in cooperation between Headnet, 1508 and Fritz Schur. See the solution live at fst.dk

Gone are the days when having a basic website was enough to stake your claim in the internet world. Now, site owners are using web analytics to store data and compile reports about visitors’ behaviour and actions, and using this information to customize their sites and advertising. With over a billion websites in existence, actively managing and optimizing your site is essential to improving the user experience and increasing your web traffic and search engine rankings. In short, web analytics tools help you ensure your message is reaching as many people as possible in your target market.

When it comes to web analysis, Google Analytics is the default choice for new and experienced users alike – even those of us at Headnet have used this digital tool for several years. The program’s slick interface, intuitive features, and the fact that it is free, give it tremendous appeal. However, the old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies here – despite seeming like a bargain, Google Analytics has some serious faults that potential users need to consider.

Google Analytics’ biggest downside is how it manages the data it collects from your website. Data, after all, is capital – for you and for Google. While you are using Google Analytics to improve your site’s standing and usability, Google is collecting and aggregating data on your site visitors that it then sells to its partners. Google can even link these data to specific users, and to other Google services, making it possible for them to target advertising toward an individual. Google has been scrutinized over these practices, which raise valid questions about the protection of users’ data and privacy rights while using the web.

The Open Source web analytics tool Piwik is an emerging competitor that generates valuable statistical data and web activity reports, but offers the protection of anonymity for your site visitors. With Piwik, each session is assigned an anonymous ID that is used to collect data about the web activity, but cannot be traced to an individual. The service can be installed directly on your server, or securely hosted – in either case, Piwik gathers data and sends it to your own database, giving you ownership and control over how your site’s information is used.

Piwik’s use of anonymous IDs ensures your visitors have the privacy they expect when visiting your site, and that they will not be monitored by third parties or targeted by outside advertisers. In addition, the tool is simple to use and install, provides the data you need for site optimization, and can be integrated with a number of other systems. Additionally, the service and its instructions can be translated to danish.

While Piwik is a strong contender in this market, Google Analytics may still be the best web analytics solution for many users, especially those who are interested in social media integration or have small web marketing budgets. However, if you are serious about protecting the privacy of your site visitors and the integrity of the data you collect, Piwik can provide the information and analysis you need without putting your users at risk.

How long do we have before human web designers become a thing of the past?

Web designers have reason to be nervous because artificial intelligence (AI), web design, and programming have combined to form a new tool: The Grid. This is not another ordinary do-it-yourself website builder. The Grid is a revolutionary new platform powered by AI programming that takes your added content and automatically creates a unique look for your website. Your job is to provide content, choose what type of site you want, and hit publish. Once your job is complete, your new website is ready.

The Grid provides futuristic self-building websites that run on machine learning and AI. It works through an auto-design system that measures and analyzes the content, color schemes, and images you upload for your site. By analyzing algorithms based on your media, The Grid provides you with a unique layout.

The process of building a website using The Grid starts with determining what kind of website you want to build. Then you define the purpose of the website and upload content, including images, videos, text, and product information. The service then analyzes all this information using an advanced, intelligent system. Once you choose your design and upload the content, The Grid picks a color scheme and creates a design. Next, it magically creates a content-specific layout that is up and running after a couple of minutes. A notification appears when your site is ready.

Since mobile devices are becoming more influential in website development, the platform can resize and adapt website layouts to fit different screen sizes.

At Headnet, we just pressed the publish button, and we are excited to announce that we have gone live with our new AI-created website design. All the content is our own, but The Grid chose the colors and layout. Modern developments and technological opportunities have made it possible to build attractive, varied, functional websites in a simplified way. With regular content updates, the service provides the opportunity to create a more creative, futuristic website that will get a new design every once in a while.

We are privileged to be the first business in Denmark to launch a website using this technology. As a digital business, we are often inspired by the newest technology and the possibilities it offers. With this service, we are taking the next step in DIY web design. We believe the development of this new tool represents the natural progression of technological evolution.

Our first impression of the service is that it is quite impressive. The simple, user-friendly platform makes it possible to manage our website without worrying about minutia, and it gives us the freedom to change our design, content, and visuals regularly. Overall, The Grid has made website creation less complicated.

Will The Grid supplant human designers? We don’t know, but those of us at Headnet support this development since we can relate to the desire to make efficient solutions to help businesses survive and withstand technological developments and pressure.

Is The Grid just a novel, futuristic tool that is trying to keep professional designers on their toes, or does the service have long-lasting prospects?

Before you can start a serious relationship or move in together, you have to know each other, maybe by meeting up for a date, having a laugh, comparing hobbies, and telling each other stories about your family and work. Also the other person’s style and appearance often have a big influence about whether to go forward or not. The purpose of a date is getting to know what type of person the other is and whether the connection is strong enough for you to want to continue seeing each other. When buying a house, the experience has many similarities, with many of the same feelings and decisions to make. As in the dating world, it is often difficult to get in contact with the person/residence. However, the technological evolution makes getting in contact easier and more convenient.

Some entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to create a more practical marketplace for house buyers and sellers. The digital playground creates technological options, and a transition towards a more digital housing market seemed natural. The idea arose to construct a site called Bolighed.dk. The aim was to allow informal contacts between buyers and sellers, with the possibility for homeowners to list their residence as ‘Maybe for Sale’.

Headnet helped to create a solution that implemented a new concept for house owners and buyers, giving them the possibility to explore the market before contacting a real estate agent. With a co-creation-based approach, Headnet helped the ambitious entrepreneurs make the project – Bolighed – become a reality. Through their technical expertise (Headnet contributed software developers and a technical project manager) and thoughtfulness, a sustainable solution was created.

A web portal was created with help from Headnet, which included opportunities to exchange information, to begin a dialogue with potential buyers, to receive an estimate on a residence or to get newsfeed updates about the neighbourhood, their friends and the general trends in the housing market. The site was not meant to have a specific sales function, but to be more like a ‘date before marriage’.

Headnet developed the complete set-up, which had requirements to scale, because of the massive marketing and expected traffic. Also Headnet had to navigate the chaos, getting everything together as a unit and helping the project get to the finish line by acting like a technological SWAT team.

Bolighed.dk opened in 2015 for homeowners and other interested people, with lots of press coverage and television advertising. Today the solution and site are owned by four banks – Nykredit, Sydbank, Spar Nord and AL Bank. The site holds information on about 1.7 million households, and it is having a big impact on today's housing market.

It has been fun writing an application on the new electronic form, which I think works well, very well. Actually it is so far the best I have tried, and I will probably create a lot more applications.

Several phone calls to the office at Danske Filminstruktører have been similar to the following:

That's right, I need 7 copies, and yes it's a lot. No, we can't copy it ourselves.

At the other end of the phone, a frustrated and rather stressful artist is maybe late in applying for funds for their upcoming project. That experience is a rather surprising challenge.

This process affects other things too, like the post office. Seven copies of about 100 applications have to be delivered to each of the six committee members, who have the responsibility of assessing the applications.

It is also necessary to send out emails to each applicant, as well as payments. The already busy secretary has to write a letter to every applicant, whether rejected or approved. Then the secretary has to make individual online payments to the successful applicants.

This is the process that Filmdir came to us with, a partly functioning, but slightly inefficient process. They felt it was time to digitise!

Today is all about the potentials and pitfalls of bringing offline content into an online world.

We agreed with Filmdir that the solution had to be an ambitious launch through a module that dealt with applications, the administration and evaluations, in one place. With that solution, everyone involved would waste less time and have fewer frustrations.

We decided to create a flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based database, which was developed in Knack. We focused on the individual user and, therefore, we developed a specific interface for each group of users: applicants, administrators and committee members.

The application process is today no longer inefficient and arduous. Less time is now required, and scholarships are given to those who deserve them. The most obvious improvements are that there is less paperwork and logistics. A large number of small but time-consuming administrative tasks have been automated.

Headnet has been part of the project from the very beginning up to the finished product. We have helped by providing software developers and a technical project manager. The solution itself, as mentioned previously, was developed in Knack, and among other tasks, it required data crunching, setting up a database, and general back- and front-end development.

In 2014, 25,000 to 30,000 people were expected to participate in the World Half-Marathon Championship in Copenhagen, and about 10,000 were expected to join the Copenhagen Marathon. But how is it possible to follow a race with that number of participants with different start times, extending over the entire city?

As a public service broadcaster, DR covered those two events, on television and radio, and for the first time, live online. DR was facing a huge challenge in trying to administer those two major events, and therefore asked Headnet for advice and help.

DR is the most visited site in Denmark, and therefore, an important part of the project was that the final solution would be able to withstand the intense use of the service, especially during the two races.

Instead of the regular performance tables for the top 10 men, women and Danes, Headnet developed a data-driven web-application, which made it easy for a user to search for runners and replay the course on a map. Also the race statistics, such as speed, lap times and location, were visualized with graphs. Through an asynchronous application, it was possible to get a quick visual overview, instead of a number index.

As the mobile platform was the primary target, Headnet made the interactive browsing and map display work in a user-friendly way on small touch screens. However, it was still important that the results were available on other platforms. The application enabled a business to be made from a technological service.

The final solution succeeded, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and it was exciting to follow the use of the application during the race. The solution consisted an integrated race database from Dansk Atletik Forbunds, and was developed in Google App Engine. This approach made it possible to keep up with the peak in use during and just after the race.

We speak Danish, English and some of us French, Polish, Swedish or Tamil.

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